Friday, February 18, 2011

Surviving the press pit at Marc by Marc Jacobs NY fashion week show

If Mr Marc Jacobs sees fit to ask you to his Marc by Marc Jacobs show, (or at least his lovely PR folk KCD)  with 4 hours notice at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the correct answer is not a) oh bugger i've got no-one to look after the kids or b) but its across town and all my other shows are at the Lincoln Centre. It is in fact c) drop everything, get your kids covered and get your ass over there to snap it from the media riser/press pit where you've been invited.
And so it was that this intrepid blogger stepped foot on the hallowed ground of a Marc by Marc Jacobs show. I met the lovely Nicolette Mason of in the press line who appraised me of the ' grab a seat where you can' blogger philosophy to which I seem to now be a firm believer.
Once in to The Armoury with all the other battle weary press folk - mostly Asian or Italian to be fair, I squeezed myself in the front row between lovely Nylon snapper and lovely Teen Vogue with the flu snapper (from Australia - who had got out of her sick bed to cover this...see how far people go...)
After a few whispered hints as to who the actual celebs in the frontline kind these press pit dudes...I had spotted Hillary Alexander for myself and also Sarah Rutson but most of the USA celebs still remain beyond my ability to fathom. It was on to the actual show.
We saw autumnal hues, silks and tweeds, patent brogues and a whole kind of mish mash of 70's kind of thinking about 40's vibe. To be fair, had I been concentrating on the clothes as opposed to whether it is indeed possible to snap a pair of shoes coming at you at a pace when your life in the press pit depends on it....(answer...a couple of shots worked...don't give up the day job then.) I would be able to give you a much more verbose rundown. For now let me leave you with the fabbo shots and I'll get back to you on the commentary.