About Us

Come join the Premier British Expat Network Group in New York City, USA and why not bring your Brit friends at the same time?!

Our mission "Keeping us connected"

Our primary goal at Big Apple Brits is to provide an established community in New York City for new arrivals as well as building upon the great friendships and networking possibilities we currently have in New York and beyond!

We create an environment for Brits to meet other Expats and enjoy everything the city has to offer whether it be for 6 months or for 6 years! We have a lot of members who have been living here for years, but our main objective is to welcome new arrivals to the city so you can feel acclimatized and at home and meet others who understand you! We provide a great mix of online and offline activities and information to keep you in touch.

Currently, with 1500+ members combined on the NYC British Expat groups at Meetup and Facebook (the largest global online Expat Brit group) you can rest assured that you will always have access to a great British Expat Community - right at your fingertips. 

Events "Come meet, drink and chat"

We have a great community that strengthens relationships offline as well as online! We organise monthly bar meetups and also some great special events throughout the year including quizzes, BBQs, picnics and a Christmas party.

Contact us
Visit our main site at Bigapplebrits.com or feel free to email us: info[at]bigapplebrits[dot]com.