Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 Things to do this NYC Halloween!

Photo Credit: Archivalproject

Halloween to us Brits is just ghosts and ghouls and scary stuff!

In NYC and America generally, there is still a scary element out there, but the costumes can be anything from Alice in Wonderland to the latest puppet in the political world! EVERYONE dresses up so dont miss out on what is the biggest, yes the biggest night in New york City. Not sure what to do? Here are some ideas for this years festivities: (and dont be shocked if you think you have mistakenly stepped into the red light district)

1) If you can stand crowds and being pushed left, right and centre, dont miss the famous Village Parade. it starts on Spring & 6th & runs up to 22nd street, 7-10pm. Anyone in costume can join in the fun, so if you have a group of friends up for it, get there early for the line up.

Photo credit: Life.com

2) Attend one of the many mental Halloween parties
3) Go to a haunted house. New Yorks Time Out has a great info page on where to get scared.
4) Have kiddies for this Halloween? Here are some great resources for family fun.

Photo credit: TimeoutKids

5) If you are not joining in, have a great time checking out Rickys costumes and people watching from afar.

Are there any "must dos" this Halloween we missed out?
Add them below in the comments.



  1. If any of you are seance-inclined, or are into physical mediumship, Spiritualism, I would invite you to my Manhattan Church Service at the Spiritualist Church of NYC on Halloween night.

    I will be conducting the service and my address will be a popular one I've done before: Physical Mediumship Today!

    The service starts at 6, then a reception at 7ish and the seance will start around 7:45 in the room above the church.

    The building is a historical landmark, The New Church, on 35th Street between Park and Lexington, on the south side. It's a fenced in quaint little white church with a little garden in front in Murray Hill's historic district. It's close to the Empire State Building and convenient to the 6 Train at 33rd Street stop.

    You are guaranteed a message from your spirit loved ones by myself and possibly from the other mediums attending, especially if you from BABS. There is a church donation and the seance is $20, the reception is free. It's a beautiful historic church that's been newly renovated, it's quite a gem of a place. :)

    I owe it to Derek Acorah, British TV Medium that I have found this path in my life, and you will often find British people attending our services, 2 of them are church trustees!

    I will also be starting a home development circle in Queens and asking for people interested. There are loads of interesting events upcoming, you can pick up the materials in the lobby table.

    See you there!
    Rev. Susan Robinson, Anglophile!

  2. So lovely kids wearing that Halloween costumes. Its so nice.

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