Sunday, April 3, 2011

Notes from a Stylist is currently craving Bande Des Quatres Jewelry...

Not that I'm obsessed with statement rings or anything this season, but I was just penning an article for about the jewelry line Bande Des Quatres based in New York, and found that there were so many rings I immediately started covetting, I couldn't keep this new label for just the RWH crew.
The brainchild of designer Erin Wahed, who comes up with the concepts and then collaborates with uber chic jeweler Janis Kerman to create the brand, these babies are set to become a 'must-have' on any style savvy fashionista's fingers.
I think I'm also a little bit smitten with the photographer Hugo Arturi who took these images. Anyone who can make these stunning rings even more funky, with the art direction help of Erin and creative direction from Loris Pignoletti, has got to be worth his weight in gold.... or at least the 18Kt yellow and palladium white gold that the pieces are crafted out of.
Prices start from around $425 and are available at

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