Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mary Kate Olsen takes a peek at some nudes...at the New York Academy of Art bash...

The annual Take Home a Nude bash run by the New York Academy of Art was all a buzz last night at Sotheby's as the diminutive Mary Kate Olsen tip toed in  - past a weird picket line of Teamsters, (who i'm guessing were venting their rage at upper east siders being out on a Monday night in their natural habitat of, oh... the upper east side....)
The event, as usual, was a high octane spin through a few galleries of art pieces up for auction. Armed with a pencil, a cocktail and a credit card to burn, it's funny how the bidding seemed to escalate as the countdown to each gallery room closure was yelled across the mic by the weirdly gimp masked master of ceremonies.
Padma Lakshmi took a turn around the room, as did Harpers editor Glenda Bailey and the ever frothy Robert Verdi (sans signature shades on his head...pourquoi?).
Sadly the closest I got to phsyically taking home a nude was peering at a haunting photo of an Ipanema beach scene...once I'd figured out I could probably fly there and take the same photo myself for less money, the item had been snapped up by someone else.
In terms of fashion, we saw beautiful Erikson Beamon statement necklaces, new Prada pumps with this seasons heel...appropriately in nude, (as sported by my blog buddy Photos From a Stylist). As well as some bizarre fascinator flower head gear that seemed to be missing the point that the wearer was neither a) Kate Middleton nor b) at the Kentucky Derby.
As for me? My Adrienne Landau marabou feather gilet got it's fair share of papparazzo attention, so it had to be hastily retired and packed off back to it's Stepford gilded cage, for fear of it catching fright and taking flight into the nippy New York air.

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