Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer cover ups - the style quest continues....

Posted: June 15, 2010


I'm not sure if it's one of those "cripes this year I really have to hide the stomach flab" things or just a minor obsession, but summer cover ups - I'm sorry, I can't get enough of them.

I have a collection of designer ones - ok, not this years, but the ones fenagled off some sale site or other that still had their label slightly attached but were sooo last year that they were below the $200 mark.

Then there's the "ok, let's go with urban LA style maxi dress look" moment, where I imagine for one moment that the house boat that I'm spending next week on, is in fact somewhere within a 10 mile radius of the golden city and not 1,000 miles away, as I fear it may be - chalk it up to big sis making the booking again!

Followed by the "if I'm out in the wilderness I can channel my inner hiking chick" kind of cover up, which basically means anything warm and unflattering that can pack up really small in my suit case to avoid taking up too much space where my Burberry wedges need to fit.

Given I keep buying cover ups with sleeves on for Blighty - which I then end up figuring are completely stupid in New York City's climate as it gets good and humid here in the summer, let alone the Vegas climes which I'm about to hit - my quest this year has been focussed on sleeveless or bandeau styles - and you know what - there's a lot out there!

From DVF who knock out beach friendly wear year after year,


To the print/luxe specialists Tibi - who have some to die for resort wear not just right now, but quite honestly continuously.


So back to the bandeau idea - you know, no strap lines and all that - check out this Topshop number that (thankfully) we can now get in the Big Apple.


But then my crazy designer wannabe thing kicks in and "I'm a sucker for any label" and all of a sudden my Marc by Marc Jacobs bell is ringing


But hang on, it's only Tuesday - with a flight scheduled to Vegas Saturday, by my slim mathematical brain and my zen like knowledge of fedex/ups overnight shipping standards (due to the slight shopaholic gene I've been bestowed) - that makes me figure I have 3 clear shopping/shipping days to get my beach cover up mojo sorted...

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