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Notes from a Stylist is trying to find the BBC

Posted: June 5, 2010 -


It's at times likes these - you know, Gulf oil spill still spewing on day 40 whatever, conspiracy theory roving around about oil spills on the Bronx River parkway being related ( no really, I got that from a TV camera guy who swears the world is imploding and no-one is telling us) World Cup and the Gaza crisis upon us....


Anyways, it's at times like these that one needs a safe pair of hands to turn to - that's right, the good old BBC. No biased opinion, no bung in the back pocket from oil men to foil the story - so how is it that when you are in the good old U S of A, that you can't find any sane news apart from weather or baseball. Oh how I yearn for a bit of bolshy Paxman and the diminutive Jeremy Bowen dodging bullets in Israel still managing to look suave whether it's a mustache kind of a day or a clean shaven kind of a day. Whatever the crisis, at home, we were assured of real news on the hour at a channel number that was in single figures and not hard to find.

Flitting through channels aimlessly this evening I've stumbled upon BBC World News in the top end of the 100 channels. I thought I had a fix on it for a moment until my remote weary finger slipped and instead of hitting select for channel 104 and the safety of the BBC, I was thrust into Lusty Lovely Lawyers - which appears to be a torrid office affair for adults. In fact if you linger around the early 100's on cable that's about all you do get - so how are us sane news starved Brits to survive?

Short of harking back to my old Hewlett Packard laptop that still seems to be vaguely configured to the UK and can somehow catch Capital Radio, my new (USA) iMac resolutely refuses to pick up any Blighty related channels - thank the lord then for Big Apple Brits - a tiny slice of home with radio, networking and a Brit Fest to boot.

With 80f+ forecast for the next few weeks I think I'll settle for Stateside and World Cup viewing from here rather than Gary Lineker and WAGtastic goings on at home....


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