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Sara Delaney - The Brit Bloggers crash New York Fashion Week




Even Amber Rose looked sullen in the front row of the Christian Siriano show on Day 2 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week and she had a seat!. Kanye's gal was front and centre as the models strutted their stuff at the show where we found that 2 invites actually means 1 in the fabulous world of fashion.


An early entrance by my good self meant I bagged the 'standing' ticket and managed to weadle my way down to a 4th row seat through sheer charm and blagging power. Less luck for my trusty co-hort and blogging babe Welsh Alien in NY, who was left swimming in the sea of sadness that is the free bar at the Tents.


With her usual bravado and stiff upper lip she managed to fall into the company of some charming chaps who are in New York from LA to develop their burgeoning clothing line Anjgiles. Cheering her up with their banter it was off to the Waldorf Astoria to take a peek at the Edwing D'angelo show - until that is we realized our tactical error.


Instead of sticking at the Tents where we could have spotted the likes of Naomi Campbell and her chums at the Fashion for Relief Haiti show, we stumbled into a scary world of 'wannabe' fashion. The once fabulous Waldorf was playing host to a 'couture show' - more like 'comedy show'.... think Camden market meets Singapore stall trader.The place was packed with tables of bizarre tat for sale with a ballroom area for so called fashion shows. Luckily we realized our error within minutes, turned on our heels and re-grouped in a cocktail lounge before heading to Chelsea for Antonio Berardi's show.


So what of the clothes ; It felt a bit like I'd spent the day on the High Street.


altChristian Siriano was all ruffles and layered pleats in dark neutrals with the occasional pop of color. His show stopping evening gown of hot pink with an enormous train had the model wibbling on her heels but maybe that was something to do with the sky high Payless heels she was wearing . Overall the looks were wearable if a little dull, by the look on her face I'm not sure Amber Rose will be hurrying to slip into any of the pieces either.



Alexander Berardi was a little too mass market for me - any of the looks could have easily been pulled off the racks at Zara or H and M - certainly not worth the 30 minute line outside in 28f at the end of a long day.





Surprising though it may seem, there is space in the hectic Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion week Fall 2010 schedule for mens clothes as well as oodles of shows for the ladies. The Mik Cire by Eric Kim show (which had us befuddled for a while until we figured out Eric Kim had just put his name backwards for his new label) was a show strictly for the boys. Eric - who was the founder and CEO of fab fashion label Monarchy, has just launched his new menswear label.



Legendary catwalk instructor Miss Jay was in the front row and was showing some keen interest in the uber cool looks that were sashaying down the runway. With an urban military vibe that oozed downtown boy meets Eastern european checkpoint guard, this may not be a look I could get my husband to pull off, but I'm looking forward to seeing all those fashion savvy gents in the audience embracing it.


Coolest look of the show? has to go to Eric Kim taking a bow with his cute son.... bless!



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