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Fashion for relief Haiti & other New York Fashion Week escapades

Posted: February 19, 2010 -

For a girl who has hung up her heels, Naomi Campbell proved she hadn't lost that supermodel sashay the other night at the Fashion for Relief Haiti show in Bryant Park. The show hosted by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was pulled together in aid of the Haiti relief effort and featured a galaxy of stars taking to the catwalk.

A series of looks that had been donated by designers hit the runway, some of which are to be auctioned off on Net-a-Porter. Campbell herself poignantly wore an Alexander McQueen piece, the designer (a close friend of hers) who was found dead this week would have smiled at these ladies working their inner divas in the name of fund raising.

From Kelly Osbourne to Chris Brown, Donna Karan to Diane von Furstenburg all were brave enough to take a turn in aid of the cause - and bravery it seems is what you needed as poor old Agyness Deyn took a tumble twice and ended up walking in her bare feet to the safety of backstage.


An interesting diversion at yesterdays NY Fashion week shows, whilst skipping from the Tents at Bryant Park down to the East Village to experience the "Green Shows", we arrived unfashionably early and were tossed out into the street. Curiously the green show venue did not offer a press facility, waiting area or indeed any wifi - not quite sure whether that is some kind of conscious 'green' statement kicking off against the media deluge that surrounds fashion week or simply bad planning.


Either way, fortuitous for my blogging partner and myself as we found ourselves hurled into an Alice in Wonderland of vintage stores right across the street. It seems East 11th between 1st & 2nd Ave is a haven for all things from a bygone era. Flitting from one to another we quickly whiled away the 20 minutes and returned to the venue looking far less like media savvy fashionistas and a little more like bag ladies. I had forgotten that consignment stores do not have a posh carrier bag policy and anything you buy is unceremoniously dumped into the nearest plastic bag purloined from a supermarket. That said, the gorgeous 50's fur trimmed cardi with diamante clasp detail that was nestling merrily in my plastic bag was well worth the extra weight and will be getting its first outing (once dry cleaned - oops not a very 'green' idea) at London Fashion Week.


So on to the green stuff - fashion hierarchy knows no bounds and with only a handful of viewers we ill found ourselves in the 'standing' section of a tiny showroom. With cool vibes pounding from the DJ we were getting fairly up beat about the show. Until that is, the music changed to a dirge and a series of sullen yet beautiful models trudged one by one down the runway. The clothing by Thieves was a predictable series of downtown urban looks in grays and drab blacks - I totally get the idea that green is good and sustainable fashion should be promoted but please - cheer up!


I did particularly like the Smockshop pattern and instruction sheet that came with the goody bag though - am thinking on closer inspection I may well be able to add a little sustainability into my wardrobe for the cause, and create my own clothing from hereon in, as long as I can stick to smocks for the remainder of my life that is.

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