Thursday, February 25, 2010

Notes from a Stylist is at London Fashion Week but forgets to bring back frazzles

Posted: February 25, 2010

It's amazing how versatile London venues are - after a quick flight over the pond I've arrived in London in time for the Nicole Farhi runway show at the Royal Opera House, but there's a last minute change to the info on how to get in due to the BAFTA's (the Brit equivalent of the Oscars) happening later that night.



The show turns out to be all black and red and camel. The black is 60's patent and transfers from coats to leggings to skirts and cute patent booties add to that mix. Farhi showed a few sleeveless coats which were curious and made you want to dash out and buy a load of woolly arm warmers to make it possibly wearable in the midst of winter. The dresses looked drapey and luxe serving up mostly what her audience craves. I remember Farhi clothes being first on our list as the 'go to' designer when we were fresh out of college with our first pay packets burning a hole in our pockets - I'm glad to see she still has what it takes.


As for the Royal Opera House - fast forward 12 hours and the film set folk move in to celebrate Brit film. Colin Firth scoops another award in his ongoing triumphant season for his role in Tom Ford's directorial debut "A Single Man" - no doubt bedecked in Tom Ford suiting. His Mrs, the lovely Livia Giuggioli, who has been doing her award season in 'Green' dresses looked divine in her choice whilst her hubs quipped that actually taking his successful role was down to the guy mending his fridge

"What Tom Ford doesn't know is I have the email in my outbox telling him I could not possibly do this," said Firth. "I was about to send it when a man came to repair my fridge... I don't know what's best for me so I would like to thank the fridge guy."

5 things I forgot to bring back...

You know how it is when you travel back to Blighty, someone always asks you to bring something they miss back, it's generally at the back of your mind to be a good samaritan and actually follow through with the promise, but more often than not I miscalculate my airport 'shop' time and only just manage to remember to pick something up as I'm nestling into my plane seat searching for something to while away the time on the entertainment channels. This time coming back from London Fashion Week was no different...

1. Frazzles for the kids, (and possibly me if they forget to ask for them - they go really well with a G & T)

2. Bournville chocolate for me - that Hersheys cadbury thing just doesn't do it for me.

3. That lovely Ralph Lauren sleeveless charcoal cardi from a fave boutique that was a steal in the sale and would have looked just perfect as an apres ski number on my forthcoming Jackson Hole break.

4. Ambre Solaire fake tan - to make me look like I actually belonged to the Jackson Hole set and had been wintering there all season.

5. A Burberry Porsum coat that I could have snagged online as the show was live streamed at London Fashion Week.


Five things I did bring back from Blighty....


1. A cool Graham and Spencer oversized charcoal cocoon knit for my ski trip

2. A pair of gorgeous grey suede pirate boots - ditto above.

3 - 5. Cute knits from my favorite old stomping ground Whistles.

But not to worry on the frazzles front - I won't be bothering any of my Brit bound buddies in the future as have just come across a fab web site Brit that can send it all to me!

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