Monday, March 1, 2010

Notes from a Stylist is glamming it up in Jackson Hole

Posted: March 1, 2010


Now I know the ski set are a breed apart and I’m just getting my head around all this, but clearly jumping straight in at the high end is skewing my take on how to do a stylish ski weekend so far.

We arrive at Jackson Hole and get swept up by a man complete with stetson, cowboy boots and waistcoat. We drive past a motel called The Virginian and I recount a story about quite fancying Trampus from that old TV show - but it seems to fall on deaf ears as I realize that our hosts are a tad younger than us and Laura Ingles with her Little House on the Prairie is more their generation. So back to the man in the stetson, who gamely grabs our bags and loads them on our car – and there are a lot of bags, because who knows what the weather might bring, or where fate might lead us – but its better to be over prepared right?

So once ensconsed in our spacious apartment, courtesy of our buddies who have bid high on an auction item that's a condo in a super swanky ski resort and then asked their less fortunate party mates to tag along, it's time to unpack. The thing is the packing/over prepared deal kind of depends on who you are holidaying with - and it seems this weekend, we are traveling with a minimal packer and an over the top packer. I am happily midway between my ski buddies.



So the ski lark?, apparently it’s all down to the resort – the Four Seasons is high end and I think, much to the chargrin of my husband, I could become accustomed to this – need to take your boots off? No fear there’s a lady right there to do it for you. Fancy a glass of vino whilst you’re in the hot tub? Relax another nice lady is on hand to deal. Unhappy with your grey ugly ski boots that give you pins and needles when you're buddy has nice white ones with purple fluffy lining? calm down - a nice young man can sort it out for you. Yes indeed, I think I'm beginning to like this skiing thing...


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