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Prada does Opera

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I know today of all days I should be blogging about Oscar 2010 dress hits and misses but as usual, I couldn't resist this Prada piece...

Although Miucci Prada's costumes for the Met opera Giuseppe Verdi's Attila, which opened in New York recently might be heralded by some as revolutionary, there has been much controversy around the Designers first stab at big time Opera costume design.


There was talk of her complaining about dressing 'real' sized people when first costume fittings were processed - doubtless she is more used to dressing the giraffe like models that she deals with daily on the runway.


Fast forward to the actual Opera and a buddy who was at one of the early opening nights was bemused to hear a strange noise that wasn't operatic as the ensemble took to the stage. The weird noise, it turns out, was people booing at the costumes.

There were LED lights, biker chic and all sorts of bizarre over sized stage sets created by star architects Herzog and de Meuron (remember the Olympic Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing and the Tate Modern?)


According to most reviews the novelty factor of their work has won plaudits but what's the real scoop?

It's not a new trend for Designers to go poking their creative noses into an alternative area and I'm all for diversification - think Givenchy dressing Audrey Hepburn in her stand out movies Sabrina and Funny Face, as well as Armani for The Untouchable and the latest Italian Job. But judging by audience reaction on this occasion, maybe Miuccia should stick to the day job.

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