Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to tackle a Nor'Easter in style.

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Funny how when it rains it really RAINS in this country. Back in Blighty I used to watch all the Hollywood movies wondering quite how the studios managed to manufacture biblical rain and what was the point given it was clearly over-egging the pudding. Fast forward to not so sunny New York and I'm beginning to get what they meant.

They don't just have weather here - they have BIG weather. When snow is forecast, get set for a blizzard and a mound of the white stuff, if it's wind, batten down the hatches and hope those tree's stay upright. This rain though - how do those massive goblets of the wet stuff get created? I've never seen such a deluge.

Luckily for me I have a trusty pair of Hunter Wellies - navy blue, thanks for asking - they're at least 5 years old and bought for dog walking not poncing down the high street for some shopping Mr Jimmy Choo!

Given we have a slight swelling of water in our driveway - don't want to be saying 'flood' as that might cast one of those '40 days and 40 nights' kind of rain storms on us - I thought I'd don my trusty Hunters and see if I couldn't go and sort the situation out. Armed with a shovel and my Bogner parka (complete with raccoon fur trim hood) I set about the task.


After finding initial success in creating a small whirlpool which I figured had sorted the whole problem, sadly the silt was too much for my attention span, and have now retreated to a warm (power filled)



So what, if anything have we learnt from this :

1. On reflection my raccoon trim hood could have done with staying indoors.

2. Hunter Wellies rock

3. It's time to call in the handyman...

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