Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Age ain't nothing but a number" by Dating Blogger

Never before have I come across so many couples with vastly different ages as I have since I moved to NYC.

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Ted, a taxi driver of the best chatty sort. In the space of a ten minute journey I had learned all about his nine children and happy family life. He then produced a photograph of the lucky lady.
Upon seeing the picture my eyes immediately darted to the rearview mirror to affirm that Ted was, as I had subconsciously assumed during the chat, old. The woman in the picture was at most 35 and Ted, well Ted had to be getting on for twice that age.
Until this point I had assumed all the generation-crossing couples I had seen in the city were a result of a fair amount of gold digging going on by one or other of the pair.
This cannot have been the case for Ted and his Missus, he works 18 hour days driving a cab, hardly a lifestyle one would choose if financially comfortable.
This experience challenged my perceptions and resulted in the urge to blog on it. Perhaps Americans truly do see age as nothing but a number?!

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