Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Hands off!' by Dating Blogger

Now this isn’t strictly a ‘dating’ issue, but it certainly is one that effects any relations between single men and women at bars/nightclubs/parties and therefore, I’m blogging about it.


I remember well the first time I experienced a Manhattan dance floor, it was after watching England lose a rugby match and the beers that that involved. My friends and I rolled into some random bar where the music had a strong enough beat for us to be able to just about move in time to, despite being somewhat hindered in the coordination department.

It was a hot, sticky place and the dance floor was crowded, but nevertheless we were enjoying ourselves until, quite out of the blue I was, for want of a better word, groped.

Now, I wanted to think it had been a mistake, so I chose to ignore the action. Only for it to happen again, more insistently. So I spun around and made it very clear that is not OK by me! Entirely without shame the perpetrator grinned at me and went in for another grab.

I immediately stomped over to the security guy to complain, only to have him tell me there was nothing he could do and I should move away.

I still vividly remember my shock. I chose to go home instead, but from that day on I have noticed this happening time and again. It’s like dancing is some code for “I’m a slapper, feel free to touch.”

Not cool, New York, not cool.


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