Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Any luck at the gym?" by Dating Blogger

In the movies women meet gorgeous men in all kinds of unlikely places. I’ve decided to put the theory to the test…

First, the gym.

I arrive excited and ready to swoon over countless men in shorts and vests showing off their rippling biceps.
I take to the warm-up area and scour the scene, within minutes I am happy to see several guys I would talk to, perhaps even go for a drink with. Problem is, how to proceed? Tough one.

I start by snagging a tread mill next to a suitable candidate, with the mirror opposite I hope to maybe make some eye contact. Keeping the setting low so as not to get too rank and sweaty, I start to jog.

Attempting eye contact leads to almost falling off the darn machine. Not good. Hotty number 1 glances at me clearly disgusted at my ineptitude.

Time for plan B. Over in the weights section I am happy to just sit and watch really, but that would no doubt end up in my being removed from the premises, so I mess around on some of the more female-friendly machines and strike up a few conversations asking how the different contraptions work and so on..

Nothing is really sparking and I am starting to regret the investment in cute work-out clothes (no, I am one of those girls that matches my trainers to my t-shirt, but my gym clothes hadn’t been updated since PE lessons so this was necessary), when all of a sudden a Madonna music video comes on the TV and every guy in there turns to look. Initially I am confused, is it the ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’ factor? (See last week’s entry) Is Madonna still hot?!

Then I twig. Gym is in Chelsea… Better luck next time, DB.


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