Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Men have feelings too you know" by Dating Blogger

This was the stunning statement I was met with when talking to my male (American) friend about his ex. He had been moaning about seeing her with another guy since they broke up and I was telling him to stop being such a wuss and move on.

He then proceeded to cry. Wail, in fact.

Now this is a 6ft tall, 30 year old man who, prior to this moment, I had considered a real man’s man, he a) loves sports of all kinds, b) drinks real beer and c) leers at women while partaking in a) and b) in bars.

But, he would describe himself as “emotionally available.” I quick scan of personal ads reveals this to be a commonly used description term, like it’s something to be proud of. But coming from the UK, this is something new to me, guys back home would never want to talk about their feelings being hurt, much less get upset in front of a woman. But in New York, it seems to be completely fair game.

And you know what, after years of wishing I could find a man that would let me know where I stand, who would tell me when he is upset about something so I wouldn’t have to spend all day trying to figure it out… I don’t like it. Not one bit.

What with the crying and all the primping and preening (as discussed last week), it’s just not right!


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