Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"There aren't any men." by Dating Blogger

So, following the gym man-hunt disaster I busied myself over the summer looking for prospective dates in all manner of places. Unfortunately, what I have concluded is that it is impossible to ‘randomly’ meet pleasant, single, sane men in New York.

I will recap briefly on how I have reached this decision.

Supermarket: Seeing as there is no real chain of supermarkets (oh how I miss Sainsburys) I was fair and loitered around several different shops, large and small to get a better overview of the possibility of meeting guys this way. The difficulties I found were:

- Not many people in the big apple do ‘proper’ food shops, and chasing after guys who have popped in to buy milk and bread does not work.
- People are very focused when food shopping and do not really appreciate strangers striking up conversations
- Having to fill my basket with food items I wouldn’t mind a guy seeing meant I had to eat vegetables and nuts for weeks.

Cinema: Seeing as the “no talking” rule is regularly flouted in cinemas over here I thought perhaps I might be able to meet someone to go for a drink with after. I did not. I had to sit through umpteen awful action films (I figured the kind of guys I would like to meet wouldn’t be watching Bride Wars or Marley and Me) and I was covered in spit and popcorn from all the shhhhhushing. Gross.

Museums: Now, here I had a limited amount of success. I met two really lovely guys, good looking, intelligent and funny. One in the Guggenheim, one in MoMA, both agreed to coffee dates, hurrah! Problem? Both were tourists I will never see again.

Baseball: How stupid was I?! Trying to have a conversation with a bloke who is engrossed in a sporting event?!


These are just four of the places I found myself surreptitiously glancing around for potential dates. I became quite the joiner and attended events and parties all over the place and still, nothing.

Over a consolatory quadruple vodka with a smug, happily coupled-up friend, I came to the next challenge.. organised singles events. Yep, in the name of research I am ready to put myself through wine tastings and speed dating and whatever else is out there… watch this space.


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