Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lose your locks for a good cause...

Posted: May 19, 2010 -


When I teetered off for my quarterly chop this morning at my local salon, little did I know that I would in some small way be helping the environment and fighting the current oil spill in the Gulf.

Feeling a slightly grubby blonde version of Cousin It, and hoping some kind of salvage operation could be performed to turn me into a Jennifer Aniston lookey likey, I hadn't considered the fact that my coiffeuse is a highly politically charged environmental lobbyist in her spare time. I spotted a bunch of weird green bins around the Salon and when quizzed my Stylist let loose on the benefits of donating all the shorn off strands to this good cause.

In the past a trip to the hair dresser may have been deemed a tad selfish (what with children starving in the world and people dealing with natural disaster daily), but when it's time for a hair cut you can now help the oil spill clear up process by having your sheared tresses stuffed in a nylon stocking. At Excess Access, they've been gathering chopped off curls for some time, but it's only recently, with the current crisis unravelling in the Gulf that their program is getting some valid attention.

It seems that as our hair gathers oil on our heads, ergo it attracts oil any old place, even when off your bonce - the discarded locks are collected in waste bins in salons, transported to agencies working with Matter of Trust , then fashioned into oil spill containment booms and mats to be used to help thwart the impending environmental disaster.

The bad news for me is that my enthusiastic Stylist has turned my locks into more of a pixie crop in her over zealous chop fest... a little less Jen and a little too much Agyness Deyn.... oh well in a good cause.


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