Friday, May 7, 2010

New York Style : Sidewalk Catwalk

Posted: July 5, 2010 -


New York's garment district has a few spooky goings on right now - called Sidewalk Catwalk it's kind of art meets fashion with the installation of 32 designer mannequins along Broadway that have been kitted out by 30 designers and 2 student design teams. From Tommy Hilfiger to Kenneth Cole, Betsey Johnson to Prabal Gurung, it involves custom built mannequins that are displayed runway stylie down Broadway from Times Square to Herald Square. Interestingly to withstand scary NY weather elements most designers opted for plastic for their creations rather than fabric - as every girl knows, one outfit can't last a whole summer!


Set up by the Fashion Center Business Design District it's all about showing the creative chutzpah that's bubbling around in the area, but with the good news that you can actually bid on the items on Ebay to benefit Materials for Arts. The exhibit runs till Labor day.


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