Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stuf : A slice of tween heaven found in Byram

Posted: April 29, 2010 -


Just across the border from New York to Connecticut - (no, literally, I'm not kidding here, it's about 3 paces from the State line), and tucked away in a cute little shopping district that's just beginning to bloom, there's an aptly named gem of a store called STUF that's, quite frankly, a Tween's dream.

Now I'm not even a Tween - more of a 'has been, wishing she was remotely in the same decade as a tween' really, but after stepping foot in this clothes and accessory haven I had one of those shoppers buzz moments. You know the one's when you've just clapped your eyes on some designer duds and then double take at the label when you realize that you can actually afford it and it shall be yours.

The store's owner, long time fashion savvy retailer Barbara Reinken has a magpie like eye for spotting key trends and top sellers that her tweeny clients can't do without.

You know that party present idea you've been grasping at for your 10 year old niece ? Those Tracter and IT jeans and shorts that your little cousin has been jonesing after ? That cool Vintage Havana tee that your daughter has been ogling? And yes, even those Top Trenz accessories that could fill a Holiday stocking or work as party favors? Well, look no further than the Aladdins cave that is Stuf.


My daughter's buddies better standby as this is clearly going to be my one stop shop for teen gifts this Summer.

You can find Stuf at 1 North Water Street, Greenwich, CT, 06830, Tel : (203) 813 3639

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