Thursday, April 29, 2010

Surviving Spin Class with Style

Posted: April 29, 2010


My first spin class... really? Is the most common thread of discussion when I 'fess up that I've never attended, looked into or even crossed the path of a spin class by accident on my way to the shops. So today was the day to take the bike by the horns and attempt my first one.

Buoyed up by a couple of professional spin buddies - 6 times a week is considered professional in my book anyway, I stepped foot into my first class bright and early this morning at super smooth Soul Cycle - yes the one that is always packed with celebs and even has a spin off barn (sorry couldn't resist) in the Hamptons for all those 'A' types who can't quite relax whilst they idle away their summer on the beach.


There have been a couple of plusses along the way in my move from 'complete spin anti hero' to 'actually liked it' which, it must be said have been mostly about the shopping. No surprise there then. But the whole notion of testing out a new sport always brings with it the fabulous opportunity to buy 'kit' - clearly in order to make me look less like a totally flummoxed first timer and more like a regular hack.


So an investment earlier in the week in a pair of skinny bike leggings from Lululemon ( my boot cut yoga pants would simply get caught up in the cogs, ) was a sharp move. It wasn't till I hit the spin room though, that I realized there's far more potential out there for 'kit' purchase.

There's a pair of cute shoes I needed - I took the loan pair with good grace but was quite keen on my buddies shoes... maybe she'll show me where to pick some up. Not to mention the bandana one might need to stay cool whilst sweat drips off the end of your nose as you rise out of the saddle for the umpteenth time to the taunting vibe of Madonna singing Alejandro.

So the upshot? It was fab - from the muzac to the burn to the 'survival' feeling at the end - sign me up for more....

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