Friday, April 30, 2010

The Military Trend for Less...

Posted: April 30, 2010 -

Snooping around the Luisa via Roma web site the other day, I noticed the latest Balmain military looks were just in off the runway, but then had to double take at the price points - I'm sorry, being an extreme fashion victim is one thing, but coughing up $15k for a distressed military coat is quite another.

I know the dollar/pound thing is quite fun when you first land in the Big Apple - for me everything seemed like half price so a buying frenzy set in for at least 2 years. Sadly now fully acclimatized (or should the be acclimated?), finding more bang for your buck, as our local countrymen like to repeat, verbatim, is kind of a good idea.


A marginally quick sleuth around the internet 5 minutes later and there are plenty of other jackets out there without this hefty price tag.

alt Try this coat from Rag and Bone for $540

alt Or this one from Top Shop for a paltry $160

alt Or this from Gryphon at $385

All that being said - the Balmain still has a certain aspirational quality to it... maybe if I spread the payment over a few credit cards....


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